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Oscars 2017: 10 Best Dressed

  Hello everyone, It is my favourite time of year, awards season and I love admiring the amazing gowns/ outfits that grace the red carpet every year, my particular favourite is the Oscars. Oh I wish I was a movie starlet and these gowns that I have chosen are to die for, I would love… Continue reading Oscars 2017: 10 Best Dressed

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Bourjois Paris: 34 Rose D’Or

Hello everyone, This has got to be one of my favourite posts as I absolutely adore this little round pot blush from Bourjois, I mean look at it it's so cute. There were so many adorable shades to choose from but I told myself to only buy one and obviously go and buy more later.… Continue reading Bourjois Paris: 34 Rose D’Or


Goals For Lent

  Hi everyone, As some of you will know on Tuesday it will be Lent, this means that some people will be giving up something or challenging themselves to do something for 40 days. Now I don't usually do anything for lent after many times trying to give up chocolate and then failing on the… Continue reading Goals For Lent

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This Weeks Top 10 Pins #2

Hi everyone, Here is this weeks top 10 pins and as you can see this weeks theme is flat lays, I absolutely love them especially these 10 beauties. I have never been able to perfect the flat lay but if I do it will almost certainly be posted on here ha ha (note to self:… Continue reading This Weeks Top 10 Pins #2


Wondrous Wednesdays #1

Hello everyone, Every Wednesday I am going to be doing a 'Wondrous Wednesdays' post which will be filled with inspiring, motivational quotes to get you through or should I say OVER what I call the 'mid week hump'. I was going to do a 'motivational Monday' or a 'feel good Friday' weekly post but for… Continue reading Wondrous Wednesdays #1

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The Nudes Palette Maybelline

Hi everyone, Today I am featuring another eye palette that I picked up, again this has probably been out for quite a while but as I mentioned in my L'Oreal La Palette Nude post I don't often wear any eye shadow. I know this sounds a little weird but I kind of have this weird obsession where… Continue reading The Nudes Palette Maybelline


2017 Goal: Improving My Posture

  Hello everyone, I have over the years developed a pretty poor posture and as a consequence of this I suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain quite frequently. I never really noticed until I woke up one morning with the worst pain, going all the way up my neck and into my right shoulder… Continue reading 2017 Goal: Improving My Posture

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This Weeks: Top Ten Pins

  Hello everyone, I did say during my introduction to this blog that one of my regular posts would be based around my passion with Pinterest. I hope to do a weekly post where I will show you my top ten pins on my Pinterest account (which you can follow just click on the button… Continue reading This Weeks: Top Ten Pins