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Review: Love Me Beauty February

Hi everyone,

I love beauty subscription boxes its my little treat to myself every month and I love sampling the new products they send me. The majority of subscription boxes out there send you products which they have selected for you based on your beauty profile which is a lovely surprise but then you end up with a product your not interested in.

Love me beauty allows you to choose the products that you would like from a selection of new products that they have put together so you can skip the things you don’t like.

So how does it work:


Complete your profile information and visit the recommendations page to see content written by industry experts.


Visit “SHOP THE EDIT” to view all the products we have available this month.


Seen something you like? Choose from one of our 3 memberships and receive 60 credits to spend on products from our Edit.  We allow you to choose exactly what you want each month.


Proceed to checkout and confirm your selection.

So you can choose from 3 memberships

  1. A rolling monthly subscription £10 + £3.95 (P+P)/ month
  2. 6 months £8 + £3.95 (P+P)/ month
  3. 3 months £9 + £3.95 (P+P)/month

I decided to go for a 6 month membership (highlighted above) just because it was the cheapest and I was trying it out for the first time.

Can I just mention before I go any further this is actually my second order from love me beauty, I will write a review on my first order at a later date!

So when I signed up I was given my 60 credits and I chose my products for my first order which included two sets of make up brushes from Eco tools which was a pretty good deal considering that each set costs between £10 – £15. I also got some Aromatherapy Associates hydrating rose tonic. All of this was sent in a really cute make-up bag which I will include in a separate post.

Anyway back to this months selection!

I was sent an e-mail to remind me about my credits being renewed  so I rushed onto the website to see what goodies they had this month and this is what I got.

all-productsKVD (Kat Von D) – Studded Kiss – Underaged Red – 1.2g – 15 credits



NUXE – Hand cream – 15ml – 5 credits


KVD – Lock it concealer – 11 Neutral – 1.85g – 20 credits



Charlotte Tilbury – K.I.S.S.I.N.G pockets x6 – in the shades: SO MARILYN/ BITCH PERFECT/ NUDE KATE – 10 credits


Charlotte Tilbury – Hotlips pockets x6 – in the shades ELECTRIC POPPY/ MIRANDA MAY/  KIM K.W – 10 credits


NUXE – Reve De Miel Lip Balm – 15g (Full size)  normal RRP: £9.50 – 20 credits


Love Me Beauty Make up bag – Free


So for all of these amazing products I spent 80 credits as I purchased an extra 20 credits for £5 because I really wanted the Nuxe lip balm.


I really hope you have enjoyed reading all about LOVE ME BEAUTY and take a look at their website and maybe give it a go yourself.

If you do or have already please let me know below I would love to hear from you.

Check back for more LOVE ME BEAUTY reviews.


Much love



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