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The Nudes Palette Maybelline


Hi everyone,

Today I am featuring another eye palette that I picked up, again this has probably been out for quite a while but as I mentioned in my L’Oreal La Palette Nude post I don’t often wear any eye shadow. I know this sounds a little weird but I kind of have this weird obsession where I absolutely hate anything going near my eyes so if I can avoid doing anything to them I will.

I am really obsessed with nude shades at the moment so I can’t resist picking up an eye palette that has these gorgeous neutral shades in it. I have got to say that the sleek black design of the packaging really stood out to me and I have noticed that quite a lot of drugstore beauty brands are going for this simple yet chic design. It really is effective and in particular with this palette the black really makes these shades stand out and it also looks great just displayed on my vanity where its got quite a lot of attention. I almost don’t want to spoil it by using it.

This Palette is so versatile and the colours have been placed so carefully in the palette that they naturally compliment each other.  The palette has three quads (these are all below)  and the back of the palette has a really lovely diagram showing you which colour to put on each section of the eye. This is great for people like me who are not so confident in applying eye shadow, you can also use the shades in a trio or just as a pair for a toned down look.

I’ve noticed this in a lot of eye palettes now and I really applaud make up brands for doing this as it gives us novices a place to start.

I really like the mixture of glittery and matte shades so you can instantly switch from day to night with one palette and that’s great for someone who doesn’t want to mess around with loads of different pots in their make up bag.

There have been a lot of mixed reviews about the pigmentation, in my opinion it all depends on what kind of a look you are trying to achieve with this palette. If you are trying to create a bold statement look then the pigmentation isn’t really for you as you really have to swish your brush around a few times and layer up to get a deeper colour.

For me this palette is ideal for those who want to create a more natural low key look and these shades are perfect for contouring.

Have a look at the palette and decide for yourself…










Overall I’ve got to say i really like this palette and I can’t wait to spend a day trying out all the fabulous  combinations recommended on the back.

Thank you very much for stopping by.

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below i’m really looking forward to hearing your comments.

What looks would you create with this?

Much Love




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