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Bourjois Paris: 34 Rose D’Or


Hello everyone,

This has got to be one of my favourite posts as I absolutely adore this little round pot blush from Bourjois, I mean look at it it’s so cute. There were so many adorable shades to choose from but I told myself to only buy one and obviously go and buy more later. There are 12 shades according to the website but when I was exploring there were 19 shades shown and they are all beautiful take a look…

I think they are all really pretty and I need them all in my life right now but I will wait and be patient. The shade that caught my eye was 34 Rose D’Or as it was on special offer and I was really attracted to the packaging. I have to admit I have never owned one of these little round pots and I honestly don’t know why, it’s like having a little secret in your make up bag. I love the delicate little touches, the gold writing sits beautifully against each of the shades and the gold clasp really adds a touch of elegance.


It gets even better when you open up the magnetic fastening, you would not expect to find a little brush inside this little pot but surprise surprise they have intricately placed one inside, shaped around the powder itself. The brush is exceptionally good quality especially if you want a  little touch up on the go. There is also a mirror inside the lid to assist you with those touch ups to make sure you’re selfie ready.


And if that wasn’t enough they have also included a little gold note, this already speaks luxury to me.



The shade I have chosen is called Rose D’or which translated means Golden rose and that is exactly what it is. When you first look at this blush you are instantly wowed by the sheen provided by the tiny gold particles in the powder however do not fear once applied this provides a hint of colour for a healthy glow.

The pigmentation of this blush is very good and the swatch on my finger was done with only one swirl around the powder. The formula is very soft and easy to blend and stays on my skin for up to 4 hours but I do touch my face quite a lot so maybe even more. Since switching from my usual bronzer to this, I have had quite a few positive comments about how healthy my skin looks.




This is definitely my new favourite blush and I can’t wait to experiment with more shades.

Have you tried any of the other shades?

Let me know, leave a comment below

Much Love




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