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Top Ten Pins #8: Primark Edit

Wow it seems like ages since I did a top ten pins post, has it been? If you follow my Pinterest profile you will see that there has been a lot of Primark pins, I am one of those people that religiously looks at the new arrivals section on the website. There are so many… Continue reading Top Ten Pins #8: Primark Edit

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This Weeks Top 10 Pins #5

Happy Sunday Beauty Lovers!!! I always look forward to creating these posts as I get to explore my Pinterest and pick out 10 of my favourite pins from this week. I must highlight that these pins are not pins that I have created myself, these are pins that I have re-pinned onto my wall. There… Continue reading This Weeks Top 10 Pins #5

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This Weeks Top 10 Pins #4

Hello Beauty Babes, Please can I just apologize for not blogging much this week I assure you this will all be explained in a separate post soon. I haven't had the best week and I didn't want to do a half hearted post just for the sake of having a post up. I really enjoy… Continue reading This Weeks Top 10 Pins #4

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Oscars 2017: 10 Best Dressed

  Hello everyone, It is my favourite time of year, awards season and I love admiring the amazing gowns/ outfits that grace the red carpet every year, my particular favourite is the Oscars. Oh I wish I was a movie starlet and these gowns that I have chosen are to die for, I would love… Continue reading Oscars 2017: 10 Best Dressed

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This Weeks Top 10 Pins #2

Hi everyone, Here is this weeks top 10 pins and as you can see this weeks theme is flat lays, I absolutely love them especially these 10 beauties. I have never been able to perfect the flat lay but if I do it will almost certainly be posted on here ha ha (note to self:… Continue reading This Weeks Top 10 Pins #2

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This Weeks: Top Ten Pins

  Hello everyone, I did say during my introduction to this blog that one of my regular posts would be based around my passion with Pinterest. I hope to do a weekly post where I will show you my top ten pins on my Pinterest account (which you can follow just click on the button… Continue reading This Weeks: Top Ten Pins


Nylon Pineapple Necklace

  Hello everyone, Before I go any further please can I just say a big thank you for all the likes on my previous post Review: Love Me Beauty February it really means the world to me that you are taking the time to read my posts. A big hug to the fabulous people who have… Continue reading Nylon Pineapple Necklace